“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poems By Me Poetry

Laying in Lonely Longing
A pain I can't define
Wishing hoping and wanting
I can only wonder why
I let myself fall from love
And drown in my own fear
I question if I've had enough
It's been so many years
Since I felt the Truth of who I am
Coursing through my veins
How can I find the light inside
When I sit in the pouring rain?
To end this life and take the jump
Doesn't seem so scary now
I could move on and climb this hump
But it's easy to slide back down
I wish I had some wings to fly
And leave this cold hard ground
As I lay in my pain and question why
The answer is already found
It's not something you can understand
Not a sight, a smell, or a sound
It's a silence I find when I look inside
So subtle I can't ignore
The lock is the illusion of time
And freedom is the Door

One thing I know when I was home
I never ever felt alone
Then I spread my wings for my will had grown
I decided to dance with the hills and stone
Born to a body, my instant mold
I did the things that I was told
My bones grew long while my thoughts grew old
And I lost myself in the undertow
I wandered about from year to year
Searching for what I held most dear
But what do I find when there's no more fear?
A taste of home still lingers here

A Tree
A shadow of timeless peace
Whose journey will never cease
Until the Sun is reached
I can almost see her grin
As she dances in the wind
Growing out as well as in
I wonder where she's been
But she thinks not of the past
For a moment never lasts
I listen to her laugh
As she dances with the grass
She never does complain
When the skies begin to rain
No sun might bring her pain
But it also gives her gain
She drinks the Father's tears
To wash away her fears
And as the heavens clear
The birds will gather near
They perch upon her hands
And chirp with sweet romance
They tell me of their plans
To melt the hearts of man

The Sun gleams
a shimmering blanket of rosy red
on the clouds below

A soft wind lingers
and the trees whisper

Something beyond profound
beyond words
beyond knowing

They whisper my name

Something stirs within me
But what could it be?
A feeling, an empty feeling
Empty yet fully alive
The space for a new creation
The womb of infinite nuance
A new form
A new vibration that has never been before
Nor will ever be repeated
And this space
This seemingly empty space
Is who I really am

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