“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Monday, February 29, 2016

The Highest Levels of Human Health

Health On The Atomic Level

All of reality is made up of subtle pulsating electromagnetic fields of energy. And all beings, without exception, are bioelectrical beings comprised of these pulsating energetic fields.

Life-force energy, therefore, is synonymous with electrical energy, or electricity.

Electricity can be defined simply as the movement of electrons between atoms. This is what forms an electric current.

The atoms which make up the cells of the human body, at any given time, are either predominantly gaining electrons and receiving an electrical charge, or they are losing electrons and being drained of an electrical charge.

Antioxidants And Free Radicals

We have all heard of the damage that free radicals can do to our health, but what exactly are they, and why are they so damaging?

Essentially, a free radical is nothing more than an atom or molecule with a single unpaired electron.

The reason why they are so damaging is because these unpaired electrons always seek another electron to make a pair, so they essentially “rob” surrounding atoms of their electrons. Normally, atoms and molecules have an even number of paired electrons and so are not free radicals.

When these surrounding atoms are robbed of an electron, they in turn will have an unpaired electron and become free radicals, thus resulting in a domino effect. When this continues over time, cells are drained of electrical energy, they become damaged and weakened, and ultimately die.

The constant bombardment of free radicals over time can cause the DNA structure of cells to become weakened, resulting in genetic damage and even cancer.

This correlates with the “Free Radical Theory of Aging” in that these free radicals drain us of our life-force energy and cause us to age over time.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, are able to contribute an electron to these free radicals, thus neutralizing them. The free radicals then do not need to rob your cells of their electrons and precious life-force energy.

Knowing this fact makes the importance of consuming antioxidants in large amounts overwhelmingly clear. More is most definitely merrier in this case.

PH Balance And Oxidative Stress

Oxidation is always caused by the loss of electrons, so oxidative stress occurs when electrons are lost from the atoms that make up your cells.

As mentioned before, free radicals rob us of electrons and therefore cause oxidative stress, while antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress (hence the name anti-oxidant)

So how does all of this relate to PH balance in the body?

First, we must understand PH. PH stands for potential hydrogen. It is essentially the concentration of positive hydrogen ions in a given solution. The higher the concentration of these ions, the lower the PH. The lower the concentration, the higher the PH. Therefore, there is an inverse correlation between positive ion concentration and PH level.

Low PH means a substance is acidic and therefore has a high concentration of positive hydrogen ions, whereas high PH means a substance is alkaline and has a low concentration of these positive hydrogen ions.

So it can be inferred that because an alkaline solution has a low concentration of positive ions, it most often times will have a higher concentration of negative ions.

Because positive ions rob us of electricity and negative ions charge us with electricity, it is easy to see why acidity would be damaging to our cells whereas alkalinity would be highly beneficial to human health.

Positive VS. Negative Ions And Their Effect On Human Health

Negative ions can be likened to antioxidants in that they have the capacity to donate electrons. This is because a negative ion is simply an atom that has an extra free electron.

The reason why negative ions are considered so beneficial is because they are able to charge your cells with free electrons and therefore give you electricity or life-force energy.

Positive ions, on the other hand, have the opposite effect and can be likened to free radicals in that they essentially rob us of our electrons. We are continuously bombarded with these positive ions in the artificial environments that we live in because pollutants and heavy metals strip the air of negative ions due to their inherent positive charge. So it is no wonder that we see such a pandemic of health problems occurring in modern society.

If we spent more of our time outdoors in natural environments, we would be exposed to high concentrations of these negative ions and we would receive a constant recharging of our life-force energy. However, most of us spend the majority of our time indoors and so are continuously drained and left feeling tired and lifeless.

The key to reclaiming your health on the atomic level is to receive electricity from your environment. This is done by going to places with a high concentration of negative ions, such as mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and naturally occurring caves.

This is also done by consuming foods with the highest concentrations of antioxidants. These are raw plant foods, especially berries and herbs. These should be as fresh as possible and most definitely organic because the consumption of pesticides contributes to free radical damage and the loss of life-force energy.

So achieving the highest levels of radiant health is simple and can be summed up with one word- electricity. Place yourself in environments with an abundance of negative ions and consume superfoods that are super rich in antioxidants. This will recharge and revitalize your being and bring you back to the natural sensation of being truly alive.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Story of the One

The story of the One. 

The One was happy. But the One didn’t know it was happy. Because it had never been sad. The One was free. Yet it had no idea that it was free. Because it had never felt confined. And the One was alone. But it was not lonely. It had never met anyone else.

The One was curious, however. It wanted to know itself. Yet how could it know itself if it simply was itself, and there was nothing else. Nothing to compare itself to, nothing else to know. So the One had a brilliant idea. It would divide itself. It would make itself into Two.

So the One made Two. The One was fascinated by this other. It had never experienced such a thing before. And it knew that it was completely unlike itself. In fact, it was the very opposite of itself. The complete absence of the One.

“Interesting”, the One thought. And so it proceeded to introduce itself. “Hello”, it said. “I am One. Who are you?”

“Hello One. I am Two. It’s great to meet you.”

“You’re not like me, are you?” the One questioned.

“No. Not at all.” said Two.

“Well...what do I look like to you?” asked the One.

“Very bright... almost blinding. Wait, what do I look like to you?”

“You look quite dark. Almost impossible to even see. Like an empty void.”

“Hmm... interesting. Well, where did I come from? How did I even get here?”

“I made you. I had the desire to know myself and, BAM.. you appeared.”

“Wow. That’s cool. I kinda wanna know myself now. Let’s make more!”

And so they did. And on and on it went to infinity. But then something happened. The more the One created, the more the One began to recognize itself as One. And the more the One began to recognize itself, the more it wanted to be itself completely. This was it’s new desire.

So at once it’s infinite creations began to merge back into itself, coming full circle and dissolving back into the nothingness from which they emerged. But some began to protest.

“Hey One! I don’t want to go back to being One. I like who I am. I want to stay.”

“But don’t you want to be One? Don’t you want the feeling of unity, of oneness, of love?”

“Ehh... not right now. I’m good for now. I like being me.”

The One questioned how it could entice the others to return home. It pondered it’s infinite imagination and came up with a wonderful solution. Maybe if I can show the others how magnificent it is to be One, they will want to return to me, and I can know myself in my completeness for the first time.

So the One devised a plan with Two to create a world where they both existed synergistically. A world which they cohabited and functioned together as one cohesive whole. Beings could be sent to this world and they could taste the flavors of One and Not-One and could choose that which they preferred.

So the beings went into this world in their separate forms and explored the new terrain. They found many wonders and splendid experiences, but also many horrors and awful experiences. They began to refer to these most wonderful experiences as love, and to the not-so-wonderful experiences as fear.

Over time, it became very apparent to these beings that they much preferred love over fear. They preferred order over chaos. They preferred Oneness over separation. So some of them began awakening to their source and merged with the Oneness once again.

But there was a problem. Some beings were simply stuck in fear. They had become hypnotized by this world and were unable to transcend it. Their focus remained identified with fear and separation and so they were unable to find their way back home. So the One devised a plan. He would send specialized beings, beings who knew the truth of Oneness and who had walked the path themselves, to instruct the others on how to get there. And so they did.

The One(s) descended into the dualistic world and taught the others how to find their own way back home. They taught of love, of peace, of harmony and joy. All the attributes the One had discovered within Itself. They taught of the illusory nature of this world and how to transcend it and find their true eternal Self. They sacrificed themselves so as to be guide-posts for travelers walking along the path toward enlightenment.

And so many beings began to awaken and merge again with the One. The One knew itself more and more as the different pieces of itself re-membered themselves and came home. The cosmic game became one of unification instead of separation. And this is where we are now. This is the path we have chosen. You are an essential piece to an infinite puzzle. And you are on your way home.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Path Less Traveled

Things that occur in nature, that occur naturally, have a wide degree of variation. No two things are ever the same. However, fake things, manufactured objects, tend to be extremely similar. In fact, they are almost exactly the same.

Think of a piece of fruit versus a cracker. The cracker is basically identical to every other cracker in the package. It is pretty much impossible to notice any difference in taste or aesthetic appearance. 

However, if you take a piece of fruit, like a granny smith apple for instance, that apple is unlike any other that has ever existed. It has a unique shape, flavor, and texture. Other granny smith apples may be similar, but you can always tell the difference. Some are better than others. Some taste sweeter, others more sour. Some are more spherical, other more oblong. 

This is because natural occurrences always have a larger degree of variability. Nature does not favor the production of monotonous and generic objects, but rather favors uniqueness, variability, and change. And this leads to forced adaptation and evolution within a species and and an ecosystem at large.

You can also apply this principle to the human experience. The vast majority of individuals experience quite a generic life. They never get too high nor too low. They sort of dwell in this numb state of low-level anxiety and boredom. There is not much variation in their lives and their experience is quite routine, stagnant and predictable. Their lives are “manufactured” in a sense by the larger societal machine of which they are a part. 

For most, if not all, of the general population however, this was not an experience they consciously chose but rather one that they unconsciously fell into based on the structure of the society into which they were born. And because of this, their evolution as a human being and as a spiritual being is greatly curtailed.

However, take the life of a more “natural” human being. A member of an indigenous tribe for example. This individual will likely have an experience that varies greatly on a day to day basis. At times, maybe there is a great abundance of food. Their survival is not under threat and they are living joyfully and prosperously. However, this experience can change on a dime. 

Perhaps suddenly their food supply dwindles and they must venture out in search of nourishment, lest they starve to death. Then suddenly they encounter a ferocious predator on their quest and their experience takes a turn for the worse. Not only are they hungry and weakened, but now there is a vicious beast threatening to take their very life.

Adrenaline surges through their veins and a flood of cortisol puts their system on high alert. They quickly take hold of their spear in preparation to defend themselves. The beast lunges forth and the tribesman quickly dives out of the way. However, the animal gets a good swipe in with it’s claw and gives the man a gaping wound. 

The injury is hardly noticed however as he jumps back up onto his feet and swiftly darts toward the creature with his spear held high in hand. Before the beast has time to react, the blade lurches forward and is thrust deep into it’s skull. This time, the warrior is victorious and will live to see another day. Yet you can hardly describe his life as ordinary or monotonous. Tens of thousands of years ago however, this natural human experience would have been the norm.

So as you can see, there is a high degree of difference between what you could deem the natural human experience and the generic one. The generic one may be safe and comfortable in a sense, but it lacks the intensity and excitement that is ever-present in a more natural and spontaneous way of life. Sure, this unbridled and starkly authentic way of living may be risky and even dangerous at times, but the payoff is a life fully lived, a life of feeling truly alive, not to mention a great deal of expansion and evolution.

The other option is to settle into complacency and mediocrity and cease to move towards your greatest potential. Even if you have a lot of valuable or luxurious things to call your own, if something doesn’t add more life and vitality to your experience, then it’s attainment is really quite meaningless.

So ultimately, the choice is yours. You can come more and more alive each day or become more and more deadened to life. You can live with spontaneity and veracity or you can fall into a humdrum routine of the same-old crap. And as Robert Frost so poignantly stated in his poem The Road Not Taken “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.”

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Philology- The Philosophy of Psychology

Human psychology is one of the most fascinating areas of human research. This is due to the fact that it is your very psychology that determines the nature of your everyday experiences as well as the way in which others respond to you. Philosophy is an endeavor of human curiosity, the attempt to gain awareness of the unknown. So philology can be defined as the attempt to gain awareness of the self. 

It is through becoming aware of your own psychology that you are able to better understand your temporary ego self and it is through deep philosophical pursuits that you become aware of you absolute or spiritual Self. The combination of the two is what I have deemed philology.

Human psychology runs deep. There are many aspects of yourself which are unconscious, hidden from your conscious awareness. This concept was first introduced by Carl Jung which he deemed the human “shadow”. Through cultivating inner awareness you bring more and more of this shadow into the light until the shadow is completely dissolved and you are no longer controlled by unconscious patterns. 

It is important to not personalize your own psychology. It is not personal at all, but rather an aspect of environmental conditioning. You grew up with certain parents who had certain beliefs and behavior patterns and specific psychological conditioning which was then imparted onto you.

As a child, you are a sponge that soaks up the energy of your environment. You do not have enough awareness to direct your focus in a way that totally benefits you. Of course, you do your best to optimize fun and positive experiences, but you inevitably experience trauma as a result of growing up in a largely unconscious world. This trauma becomes a part of your unconscious or “shadow” self.

This shadow self then goes on to create stumbling blocks on your journey through life. It may prevent you from being successful and cultivating abundance, it may sabotage every potential intimate relationship that comes your way, it may even cause you to have sudden anxiety and panic attacks. 

The extent of negative psychological conditioning varies in everyone, but you can rest assured that it exists in all cases. The are some who have burned away most of the darkness through cultivating awareness and others who remain trapped in the dysfunction of the unconscious patterns.

There is hope, however, of liberating yourself from this dysfunction. That hope rests in awareness. The more you can cultivate an inner awareness of your internal workings, the more you can shine a light on the shadow. You can then process these deeply buried feelings by allowing them to resurface and integrating them into your conscious mind. This requires courage and a willingness to face the darkest aspects of yourself. 

This will not be pleasant, but through remaining a detached observer of your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be, you will have a perspective that anchors you in a deep foundation of peace. Like a deep ocean, the surface may be stormy and rough, yet in the absolute depth there is perfect calm, perfect stillness. Anchor yourself in this stillness and then face the shadow self.
Your conscious psychology is another area of importance. This consists of your conscious focus and thought patterns that occur on a daily basis. It is these two aspects, the conscious and unconscious, that make up your own personal psychology. 

To optimize your conscious experience, you must focus on that which is desired, that which causes positive feeling and emotion. You must focus your awareness in a deliberate way so as to accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do. By dissolving the shadow, you will remove any unnecessary obstacles from your path and will cease to unknowingly self-sabotage. Then through deliberate focus of your conscious awareness, you can achieve absolutely anything. Whatever you desire can come to be. 

The key is to set your intention on feeling as though what you desire is already a reality for you. This can be done simply and gradually, by taking steps in the best feeling direction.

The accomplishment of your desires is much easier than most people realize. Most people, however, are too complacent, too stuck in their ways to get anything meaningful done. They’re too unconscious and their awareness is marred by dysfunction. But rest assured, you can accomplish anything by refusing to follow the herd of dazed sheep and through cultivating a deep understanding of the nature of reality.

Let’s say you want to achieve a state of optimal health and physical fitness. You know that this will require proper diet, sleep, exercise, and thinking patterns. So you begin the process by eating a healthy salad and going for a jog. The nutrients and feel-good endorphins naturally uplift you, and you find yourself thinking more positively. You have a deep restful sleep that night. 

Perhaps the next day you wake up and your friend brings a box of donuts over. You know that eating them would be a poor choice, yet you feel an overwhelming desire to devour them. Instead of taking action on this urge, you instead bring your awareness deeply into the feeling. What is this feeling trying to tell me? How am I unconsciously blocking myself from achieving my goal?

Perhaps you remember yourself as a young child being told by your obese father that you will always be fat just like him. He buys a box of donuts and you eat them together as he feels sorry for himself and consumes the sugary crack-like concoction in an unconscious attempt to feel better and sedate himself from the negative emotions stemming from his own shadow. You realize he passed this dysfunction onto you but you now have the awareness that he lacked so you are able to fully process the feeling. 

You can go back to your child-self and fully allow them to feel what they are going through. Allow them to understand that they were not bad, but simply that their father lacked the awareness to treat them properly. He was in his own stage of evolution which you are now moving past.

Lead them through the emotion fully and lovingly. Tell them they are perfect as they are. You will know you are doing this properly because you will feel a sense of relief. Then if you want you can speak with your father and tell him that his behavior was inappropriate. Explain to him how he is passing his own unconscious dysfunction onto his son. Whether he understands this or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that your child-self feels as though you care for them and are willing to stand up for them, willing to love them unconditionally.

When you come back to your present experience, you will know that you have properly integrated this shadow because you will no longer have the desire to eat the donuts. You will easily turn them down. The urge will simply not be there. If there is still some integrating to do, the urge may still be there, but to a far lesser degree. Explain to your friend with honesty and kindness that you are trying to become healthier and that you don’t think donuts will help you to achieve this goal. 

If they are a good friend they will understand, but if they keep trying to push the donuts on you that is a violation of your personal boundaries and you should sever ties with this individual. Surround yourself only with those who love and support you, whose qualities you admire and aspire to cultivate within yourself. No matter what, do not surround yourself with people who have no interest in becoming more conscious and realizing their greatest selves.  Keep doing this as you progress on your journey to optimal health and you will surely arrive at your goal.

So to further extrapolate on the workings and optimization of the conscious mind, know that the very basis of this aspect of your psychology is your conscious focus in the present moment. Where is your attention in this moment? Is it on the good in your life? The positive in yourself and in the world around you, or the negative and undesired things? Ask yourself this frequently and cultivate the ability to focus in the way that feels best, in a way that is congruent with your desired reality. 

If negative feelings come up, do not resist them or try to escape from them. Instead acknowledge them fully. Thank them for being there. Ask them with loving understanding what exactly they are trying to tell you. Then bring your awareness as deeply into the feeling as possible and use the integration process which I described earlier. Cycle between these two methods of conscious and deliberate focus and delving into the shadow using the process of integration. If you do so, you will surely achieve all that you desire in this life. Guaranteed.

You must be willing to sacrifice your individual ego self for the higher purpose that you have come here to serve. This means that NOTHING comes before your purpose. I repeat; NOTHING comes before your purpose!

If something causes a strong reaction within you, that is an indication that there is an unresolved shadow aspect within you that needs healing. Ask yourself why you react in this way. Go deeply into the feeling. What is it that you fear in this situation, this person, this experience that is cause you to react? Go into it deeply. Find the root of the reaction. 

Perhaps it is someone’s unconsciousness; their anger, upset, or resentment. Their addictive and compulsive behaviors. Their disapproval or criticism of you. Know that the root of your reaction is an unhealed wound. Perhaps you have a deep fear of and resistance to the unconscious state, which is ultimately the unconsciousness within you. This is your unwillingness to resolve your own shadow. Know that the issue is never about the other people. It is always about you.

If you have a strong reaction because people around you are unconscious drug addicts, perhaps you had an experience as child in which one of your parents abused a substance and then became abusive towards you or you saw their lives being destroyed. This caused an intense fear in you of other drug addicts and of becoming one yourself, so when you see this behavior this intense fear comes to the surface.

Perhaps you have a deep fear of intimacy and of trying to establish an intimate relationship because you are afraid of being rejected, abandoned, and left all alone. This is because as a child, your parent(s) neglected to give you the proper love, affection, and emotional connection that you needed and this causes you to experience intense pain which became part of your shadow. Now when you feel attraction toward someone and the potential for an intimate relationship arises, this intense pain resurfaces and prevents you from ever becoming intimate with anyone.

These two examples are personal experiences I have had. They have been some of the most intense challenges I have ever faced in life. At times I just wanted to give up because it all felt too overwhelming. But ultimately I knew that was not an option and that I must persevere. There is a way to overcome and transcend all challenges. That is the nature of all growth, expansion, and evolution, which is the purpose of this Universe. And the greater the challenge, the greater the evolution of consciousness.

Always be seeking a new perspective. Always push yourself to learn more, to grow more, to become greater in every way imaginable.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

No One Has The Holy Grail

No one has the Holy Grail. No one knows the one right way to do things. Because it doesn’t exist. 

There is no being in existence who is completely enlightened. Not even God is completely enlightened. 

Enlightenment is a process, not an end state, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you liberate yourself. 

Perfection is an ideal, a mental abstraction, it is not something that can ever be attained in actuality. 

The need to realize this perfect state is what causes the collective neurosis and anxiety that is all too common in the human psyche. 

Yo do not need to be perfect. You don’t even need to be better than you are now. You can’t be. That is the irony of it all. 

You can never be better than you are right now. 

It is absolutely impossible. So accept where you are. Be cool with it. 

In a way, you already are perfect, just because you exist. That is all the proof you will ever need of perfection. 

Just the fact that you simply exist, that you are. 

All else is insignificant, irrelevant details, nothing pertaining to the truth of who you really are.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Nature of Existence

Why does the Universe even go through the bother of existing at all? And where does it all come from? This is the fundamental problem of existence. The fundamental ambiguity of being human, a being with the capacity to contemplate such philosophical enigmas. Why does it seem like no matter what you get you are never really satisfied, never fulfilled? The very thing you thought would fulfill you often times ends up turning into your biggest problem. Why is this? Why does it seem so difficult to escape this fundamental anguish? Is entropy the order of the day, the only thing you can truly be certain of? That everything will fall apart, will decay, will disappear in time?

Yet this is only one aspect of the truth. There is also the essential fact that new things and new life forms are perpetually coming into existence. The old is giving birth to the new. Out of apparent chaos emerges organized forms of energy in-formation. So there must be some force that holds it all together. Something that keeps the Universe from falling into complete and total entropy and disorder. There must be a force that gave birth to existence in the first place. So what is this force? What is this essence? That which cannot be named.

So to prevent oneself from falling into entropy and disorder, you must tap into this essential life force, this innate intelligence. You must align with the greater order that wants to be born into this world. And to do so you must find yourself, your own essence and inherent nature. You must stop seeking without and instead turn completely around and go within. Go deep into your own inner world. Into your own darkness and shadows and into your own love and light. Surrender into it all totally. Find yourself.

Then when you have discovered this essence, this life force within, go back into the world with your greatest power in hand. Express this infinite power in every step of your journey. Move into order, into love, into the greater perfection that underlies the apparent flaws of this surface level of reality. Tap into your infinite reserves, your storehouse of pure potential and possibility. Tap into the truth of yourself.

No matter how much you scramble to make everything perfect, it all falls apart in the end. Just let it be.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Awareness- The Foundation of Life

Take a close look at your present experience in this very moment. Observe what is happening around you in your environment as well as what is happening within. Notice the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures around you and the thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations occurring within.

Now I want to perhaps give you a new and expanded perspective on the nature of your experience. Most people think that what they observe happening is somehow external or independent in relationship to them. We observe phenomena that occurs within our awareness and think that it is happening somewhere “out there”. Even our thoughts, feelings and emotions are seen as somewhat external to us and are usually at the mercy of what is happening in our environment.

But consider this. Everything that you experience, everything that occurs within your environment, is really just an interpretation of your nervous system. You brain must translate all stimulus into a picture that you can interpret and understand. So it would be more accurate to say that what you are actually observing and experiencing is not something happening “out there” but rather what you are experiencing and observing is the state of your nervous system.

With this in mind, you realize that you can never truly touch reality. There is always a filter. The same way two objects can never really touch in the truest sense because their electrons repel each other, you can never truly touch the external world with your awareness. Your subjective filter coats everything with it’s own paint, it taints the truth of reality through its own self-deception. Cultivating awareness is the art of removing the filter to the best of your ability and thus seeing reality for the truth of what it really is.

If you want to take this concept even deeper, the truth is that you are always observing your own subjective state of consciousness. All that is happening around you is simply a reflection of this state of consciousness. The environment certainly affects you and imparts itself onto your own subjective state, but this doesn’t occur until it goes through your filter. This is why two people can experience the exact same event, such as a sporting event, and have a completely different emotional response to the experience. So in actuality, all of reality is more of a subjective experience than an objective truth. Can you now understand why there is so much conflict in the world, both within and without?

So how do we get to the Truth. Simple, remove the filter. And how do we remove the filter? Through the cultivation of awareness. The only way that this can occur is through acute self-observation. Practices such as meditation work to improve your capacity for self-observation and thus enable you to cultivate greater awareness. Through cultivating awareness you develop greater responsibility, that is, the ability to respond to your experiences in whatever way you choose, as opposed to going into unconscious auto-pilot like most people. So this is truly the foundation of all of life, of all human experience. It is the catalyst for all true growth, improvement, and success. The cultivation of self-awareness.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life Purpose

Your life purpose is to live on purpose. Most people live by accident, by default. If you are asking “What is the purpose of my life?” then this is you. So become the purpose of your own life and in every moment live according to your own highest good. Choose that which serves you and lose that which doesn’t. Live life on purpose.

We often go after the things that we want in a backwards and preposterous way. We never get the full experience of that which we desire but only an unfulfilling shadow. It’s the equivalent of trying to eat your favorite sandwich with the plastic wrapper still on. Why do so many of us do the things that we do? We work jobs that we hate to make money so that later we can do the things we want. We watch sports so we can get a sense of thrill and excitement by living vicariously through our favorite athletes. We watch films in awe of the adventures and experiences of the characters while wishing we could do the same. We use social media to connect with others in a shallow and superficial way while we long for real intimacy and human connection. We eat foods that artificially taste good but are lacking in the substance and nutrition we truly crave.

None of these things are necessarily wrong or even bad, but when they become a replacement for the full realization of your true desires, you are always left feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. We become attached and addicted to these things because you can never get enough of what you do not want. We go after that which we desire and our method of doing so actually becomes the obstacle to experiencing what we desire. It is insanity. Why not just go straight for what we desire? Because we are afraid. We are afraid that we might get hurt. We are afraid that it might not work out. We are afraid that we may lose ourselves in the process.

So we continue to live a half-life using the protection of our ineffective modes to getting our needs met. It is like if we never fully experience that which we want, then we can never be fully disappointed either. We can not get the object of our deepest love and affection and then have it taken away from us. If you want a diamond but instead you just get a replica, it may not be as satisfying but at least when you lose it you won’t care as much. But what is the point of this if in the end you lose everything anyway? None of us make it out of here alive so you may as well take every chance on your dreams. Because in the end, there is nothing to lose. Nothing at all.