“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Warrior and the Waterfall

Part 1

What if you lived in a small village, and in this village there was a beautiful stream. This stream flowed effortlessly through a majestic forest and the air was fresh with the crispness of mid-spring. Everyone loved to walk along the stream and observe its natural and wondrous beauty. 

At the edge of the spring, it was said, was a magnificent waterfall. Some had journeyed there and seen it first hand, but no one had ever jumped....no one had taken the leap of faith...except for one man.

The enchantment of the spring is like a spell cast upon the villagers. The spring sustains them, brings them new life. Feeds their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. They use it to nourish themselves, refresh themselves, and give life to the seeds that they cultivate. So it is no wonder why the children and even adults are so fascinated by the story of the Great Fall.

It is said that a long time ago a young boy was born into the village at a time when men were of the warrior clan. The warrior clan was the first group of people to drive out the primitive natives and settle a colony in the village. 

The land had not yet been entirely explored, and it was prophesied that a young boy would be born amongst the people who would be a pioneer of men. He would fearlessly explore all the unknown territory and be triumphant in his battles with the remaining natives. The boy’s name was Gabriel.

Gabriel grew up rather quickly, learning all the essential skills of a warrior as swiftly and precisely as any boy that had come before. Gabriel was raised by his mother and the elders, as his father had died in battle before he was born.  He was graceful, dignified, intelligent, and rambunctious. His energy was free and unstifled. He was totally fearless. 

That is, until the day of the Jaguar attack.

Gabriel and his mother sat watching the mountain goats grazing in a field near their home on a warm and sunny day in early spring. The goats bobbed their heads up and down as they slowly and methodically grinded the tough grass with their mouths. 

Every now and then one goat would bump heads with the other and a fight would ensue. They would clash their horns together in a powerful collision until one had enough and backed off. Then the winning goat would pleasantly go on eating his grass while the other one walked off with its head down in shame. It was a comical yet profoundly interesting sight to behold.

As Gabriel wandered by the goats, some would watch him glaringly, some would rear their heads as if ready to attack, and others would simply walk on by. Gabriel had grown into a strong young man by this time, and was not afraid of a silly mountain goat. There were far greater and far more terrifying beasts to look out for, like the infamous Jaguar. The Jaguars were known in the village for not only killing many a mountain goat, but also attacking and even killing the villagers themselves.

Gabriel’s mother had warned him not to stray too far away and he had promised her that he would not, but the sight of something in the woods caught his attention and attraction. It was a beautiful girl, wearing almost nothing. Gabriel remembered the stories of the forest nymphs and the magic they could perform. He had always fantasized of being with the nymphs and having anything that he could desire. He saw this as an incredible opportunity and ran off into the woods to find the girl.

As he wandered through the thick brush, he could smell a scent of fresh flowers and sweet vanilla. He knew this wonderful smell was indicative of the nymphs, and his heart began to pound with excitement. Gabriel knew he was getting close. 

He came to a clearing in the path and could make out the faint noise of a nymph giggling impishly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a breathtakingly beautiful girl step out from behind a large oak tree. She had only small leaves covering her and had skin and hair that shown with a golden light.

The nymph smiled coyly at Gabriel, making him blush with a combination of shyness and nervous excitement. He had never seen a sight of such profound beauty in all his life. He wanted her. No. He needed her. 

The nymph stared into Gabriel’s eyes for what felt to him like an eternity and then quicker than the blink of an eye spun around and began to run off into the distance. Gabriel hastily ran after her with all the speed he could possibly muster.

He saw flashes of her golden skin echoing through the maze of thick trees and brush and hunted them down like the x on his treasure map. Eventually he grew tired and bent over to catch his breath. Just then the nymph reemerged.

“Gabriel...” She said softly, in a voice so gentle it could have just as easily been the wind. She smiled once more, a seductive grin, and slipped into a shroud of darkness. As Gabriel walked closer, he saw that this shroud of darkness was, actually, a cave.

The first tinges of fear set in. 

"Should I go in after her?" He thought. 
"Mother said to not wander too far, and the sun will be setting soon." 

His mind began to shout reasons for him NOT to go in. But the fire in his heart could not be dampened, and no excuse could make him go back. He was going in.

As Gabriel walked into the cave, he saw that the blackness within was pure. There was NO light. Not even the faintest hint of a spark. Nothing. He began to second guess his decision, but his legs carried him onward despite his mental hesitation. There was no turning back.

He continued to feel his way through the cave and suddenly JUMPED when he felt a cobweb brush past his finger tips! Only a cobweb, he thought, as his mind spindled and spun up images of massive man-eating spiders big enough to consume him in a few painful, flesh-ripping bites. A chill ran down his spine. 

Just then, he heard the nymph’s precious giggle once, and a tiny shimmering sparkle of light. His hope returned and he followed the light, mesmerized by its other-worldly beauty and charm. 

As he approached the light, he could feel the room begin to get hotter. He could sense a presence, but it was not the presence of the nymph. No, this was not a benevolent presence. It was much darker, much more sinister than that. 

He continued to walk in a half-frozen, dreamlike motion, hoping to hear the soft laughter and smell the sweet perfume of the comforting nymph. But the nymph was no more. Instead, there was darkness, and a deep growl. Gabriel jumped in a startled haze and brushed against something furry only to feel the sharp sting of claws digging into his chest... Jaguar!!! He turned and began to run like he had never run before.

As his feet pounded the cave floor he heard the paws of the Jaguar close behind. He could hear the claws as they scraped the hard rock, a sound he likened to nails on a chalkboard. Sweat poured down his face and dripped down his chest into his fresh-opened wound. The pain stung like a thousand bee stings. It was like the pain caused by the horse’s whip and forced him to run even faster as he narrowly escaped the swinging claws of the cat on his heels.

Finally, he emerged from the cave shrieking in both terror and delight. He tore through the brush in a frenzied, mindless craze, too scared to think and definitely too scared to look back.

He kept going as the brush tore at his chest wounds, causing even greater damage and pain. He cried in agony and rage as he somehow swept through the forest more swiftly than even a hungry cat. 

As he reached the end of the tree line and was about to reach the field where his mother was, he heard her voice calling his name from the forest. He stopped to listen and hear it more clearly and then suddenly thought of the Jaguar. He spun around to see if it was behind him, but it was nowhere in sight. Then panic struck. 

What if the Jaguar found his mother!

He began to run after the voice, hearing his name echoed through the forest. His heart pounded fiercely in his chest like a deafening drum as adrenaline surged ferociously through his veins. Quiet down mom! He pleaded in his mind, hoping she would stop yelling and attracting attention. As he continued to run with seemingly no energy left, a feeling of dread began to overcome him. 

Then he heard the screams. 

He ran faster and faster as though floating on air, and the screams grew louder and louder. By the time he came to the place where his mother was, there was only a long stain of blood leading away into oblivion. Gabriel fell down and sobbed harder than he had ever cried in his life. He wanted to die.

Gabriel was found the next day in the forest by a group of friendly tribesmen from a neighboring clan. He was unconscious, dehydrated, and in poor health. 

Strangely enough, there was a young mountain goat laying beside him, keeping him warm. 

The tribesmen carried him back to the village where he was seen by the medicine man. The medicine man did all he could to bring Gabriel back to good health, but he was showing no signs of recovery. As the medicine man continued to work through the night, the mountain goat came back to Gabriel’s side and laid with him as he slept.

The next morning, Gabriel awoke. 

When he opened his eyes, he saw the mountain goat staring down at him, a soft look of care and compassion in it's eyes. This was a bit of a shock and scared Gabriel, but the medicine man explained to him that the goat was his friend, a Guardian Spirit. Gabriel wasn't so sure about the goat being his friend, but decided that he would put up with it for now since it had shown him so much warmth and friendliness.

“What shall you name your goat Gabriel?” Asked the medicine man.

“Well, I don’t know. I haven’t given it any thought really.” Gabriel said halfheartedly.

“Well give it some thought. Get your mind off your troubles my boy. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself, and I know your mother only wants you to be happy. The essence of her spirit is still strong with you, but you can only feel it when you let go of the pain.”

Gabriel pondered this and realized deep down that the medicine man was right. He had to change his focus and pull himself out of his pain and misery. He had to do it for his mother, but more importantly, for himself.


“What’s that, my son?” asked the medicine man.

“I’ll call the goat Abraham,” said Gabriel proudly.

“Very well,” smiled the medicine man.

Soon Gabriel’s health began to return and, slowly but surely, his strength and vigor for life returned as well. He grew quite close with the mountain goat and with the medicine man. This was his new family, and although he missed his mother dearly, he loved his new family very much. As for the forest nymphs, he knew to never trust them again, and to never give into his lust and temptation. 


The Great Debauchery

You trick yourself into thinking that you are trapped, and you convince yourself that salvation lies in the form.

Whenever you seek an answer to any question you will find it. But unless you transfer your state of consciousness into a state of alignment with the answer, you will NEVER achieve success.

You seek validation from other egos, a temporary change in your state of consciousness.

The experience will never give you what you seek, because what you seek is beyond the experience.

The chief flaw: You are seeking yourself in something else.

Never become overly invested in the fruits of your action. They will take care of themselves easily, as long as you perceive from a pure state of consciousness. But they will no longer be your imaginary source of salvation.

You think that things outside of you are holding you back and you forget that it’s only a reflection of your state of consciousness.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nature of the Universe

Imagine that this universe is generated by something like a reverse black hole. Instead of sucking in energy and matter, it spits it out infinitely. This helps to explain why black holes are found by physicists to be infinitely dense, because even a “fraction” of infinity is STILL infinity. The singularity of this “white hole” is consciousness itself. It is the awareness with which you and I experience this existential reality. In a way, YOU are this singularity. This entire universe is pouring forth from YOU. The substance or energy that manifests as all matter cannot be defined or put into words. We can look closer at the matter that we observe, and we can discover infinite particles and manifestations of this energy, but we will never find its Source, because its Source is not a “thing”. It is nothing. That’s right. No “thing”. Hard to imagine? Stop trying. It’s who you are.

Why do we fear the things we want? We fear what we desire because we don’t already have it. If we did, we would not want it. We would want something else. And because we do not have it, we view ourselves as “lacking” in some way. We think we are inadequate or insufficient and we focus on the absence of our desire. This creates resistance within us or what is often referred to as “fear”. Ultimately, this fear is an illusion that perpetuates itself. The more we fear and resist, the more we lack what we truly desire, and the greater our fear becomes. If we could release ALL of this fear, ALL of this resistance, we would NEVER feel inadequate again. We would have EVERYTHING we could ever possibly desire. Life would be free-flowing, wonderful, and carefree. There would be absolutely no tension, no anxiety, no frustration. Just peace and a pleasant awareness of the NOW. That is what we are here for. 

We are not here to struggle. We are not here to experience life as a burden that gets heavier and heavier with age. NO. We are here to follow our bliss, we are here to flow this magnificent river of life in ANY direction that we choose. We are here to experience total freedom. When we resist and feel “fear” it is unpleasant, because we are going against our true nature. Pain is the universe telling us that we are lying to ourselves, that we are pushing against the flow of life. It is your friend, not your enemy. There ARE NO enemies. You may interpret someone or something as an enemy, or as “bad”, but it is not inherently so. It is merely YOUR interpretation, and it is ALWAYS subject to change.

Let it out! Let your feelings come to the surface, let them flow through you! Do not resist anything, do not repress it, and do not be ashamed. Be free and be yourself. Hold back NOTHING and give this life EVERYTHING you've got. Let your dreams be your guide and your passion be your fuel. Be who you really are, not what anyone tells you that you are. Do what you REALLY want to do. Every moment is a choice. To resist or to allow. Allow the flow of life. All else is commentary. To release ALL resistance is to ALWAYS be in a state of PERFECT allowance and acceptance. The mind can come up with endless reasons to be afraid, but there is only one reason to be in love. That is WHO YOU ARE. Being yourself IS being love. Remember that.

Organized Chaos


Nature moves towards disorder (entropy) in an orderly fashion. This is the basic paradox of the physical Universe, the yin and yang dynamic if you will. It is through entropy that expansion or evolution occurs, yet it is through focus that this chaos manifests in an orderly or functional manner.

Nothing is possible without focus, without the attention of a conscious observer. All that exists in the reality of the observer is all that has been perceived through focus.

Gravity is merely backwards entropy. Like all things in the Universe, it is the blending of both order and disorder, of both chaos and perfection. Instead of objects spreading out infinitely in a chaotic fashion, they are brought together in a fashion that is chaotic yet at the same time orderly and predictable.

Physicists have a hard time understanding gravity because the paradoxical nature of gravity is difficult to comprehend with the mind.

The force of gravity is balanced through the force of momentous motion. The planets could not revolve around the sun in the way they do without their inherent momentum that is unobstructed in the vacuum of space and thus results in zero friction. If this momentum were absent, the planets would merely collapse into the sun, the sun would collapse into the galaxy, and all galaxies would collapse into each other.

Through this demonstration, one can see that gravity alone is unstable and unbalanced. If only the force of gravity existed and there was no motion, we would have an unimaginably dense particle of matter similar to what existed prior to the big bang. It is only through motion that the Universe as we know it came into existence.

"Nothing happens until something moves" ~ Albert Einstein

So what caused this motion? Simple : the focus of the observer. Or the desire of Consciousness. Consciousness sought to know itself, to expand into infinite variety, to know entropy so that it could know and understand its inherent order and perfection.

What physicists refer to as “dark energy” is merely motion manifested as an independent force causing the expansion of the Universe. It is difficult to comprehend because it is absent of any form.

This dark energy is what pushes the forms and gravity is what pulls the forms together. These two forces combine to create the balanced perfection of the physical Universe. Dark matter is essentially the demanifestation or recycling of form back into nothing, and matter is the manifestation of nothing into form. Anti-matter is the transitional stage between the two.


Consciousness (awareness of form)=order

When one is lost in form, they are lost in entropy which is to be trapped in a state of chaos.

When one is grounded in consciousness, they are aware of the inherent perfection of all that is and derive a sense of order from this state.

The key is to not be too enthralled in either of these states but rather to have a perfect balance of the two. This is to truly be one with the Universe and to be the most powerful and satisfied being that you can possibly be.

In order to achieve this state one must be grounded in consciousness yet at the same time occupied by the form. The true beauty and perfection of life reverberates within you when you occupy this state. True mastery can only be achieved by one who occupies this state of being.

This state could be referred to as active meditation. Active meditation is a state in which one is identified with their essential nature and simultaneously focused in the world of form to maintain a specific functional process in order to achieve the desired result.

In this state, failure doesn't exist. Failure only comes about when one is lost in entropy and everything is basically viewed as meaningless chaos. This is sometimes referred to as existential nihilism from a philosophical standpoint.

When in this state, any “failure” is viewed as a part of the process to achieve the specific result. The failure is not viewed as a definitive end in and of itself but rather a means to a greater end which one would call success.

As seen from this balanced perspective, all failure is an illusion. One could conceivably spend their entire life failing from an onlooker’s perspective and still achieve their success in death. This is something that the mind cannot comprehend because to the mind death is an incomprehensible phenomena as one cannot truly imagine an experience that one has never had first hand.

Trying to understand death is like trying to imagine what it would be like to be an ant. Sure you can imagine some sort of ant-like experience, but is that REALLY what it’s like to be an ant. Of course not. In order to understand this, you would have to be an ant. You would have to have the experience of being an ant.

Nature relies on balance to function. Both gravity and dark energy are in perfect balance resulting in the perfect evolution of the Universe. Yin and Yang function in perfect harmony. In order to function properly and effectively as a human being you NEED balance. You will know when you have achieved a state of present balance by the way that you FEEL.

When you feel great, you are balanced. When you feel bad, you are not. Good feelings mean that you are up to speed with the evolution of the Universe at large. Your state of balance is constantly changing and needs maintenance and revision because the Universe is constantly evolving and changing. You MUST evolve with the Universe to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Everyone’s requirement for balance is different because everyone is subject to variation. We all have different goals and desires in every moment and therefore we all require a different quality of balance in our lives. There are some things that are universal such as proper diet, proper sleep, healthy relationships, exercise, etc. yet many aspects of our balanced lives differ from person to person and even these things are subject to variation.

For example, one person may meditate all day and for them this is balanced because their desire is congruent with this behavior. Perhaps they seek deep peace and this gives them that state. Of course, this could also change at any time when the behavior no longer feels right. 

Another person may read all day because their desire is to become as knowledgeable as possible in a certain subject area and this behavior is congruent with their desire. Still another person may forego meditation and reading altogether and simply travel the world on a great adventure interacting with countless new people all the time and learning from action and first hand experience. Whatever floats your boat as they say.

This is why entropy and variety are essential because the Universe is simultaneously evolving in an infinite number of ways from an infinite number of perspectives. All that truly matters however is YOUR perspective. There is truly no society but only the many individuals who make up this society, and it is this individual perspective that contributes to the expansion of the Universe.

You know whether or not your desire is ultimately congruent with your behavior by the way you FEEL. If your are feeling fantastic, your behavior is congruent. The better you feel, the more congruent you are with your desires, and the more you are contributing to the evolution of the Universe.

When you feel bad, your behavior is NOT congruent with your desires and you are in a state of stagnation. You are lost in entropy and have forgotten your essential nature, your enlightened self who is aware not only of the form and chaos but of the essential awareness and perfection underlying the physical Universe. This negative feeling is the Universe’s signal telling you to change and evolve or you will die because you are no longer fulfilling your purpose for being here.

No matter what level you perceive reality from, whether it is from the perspective of quantum physics, astro physics, or anything in between, it is apparent that there is an underlying force holding the fabric of reality together and thus creating a functional Universe. This underlying force cannot truly and absolutely be defined in physical terms, although some have referred to it as the divine matrix, the quantum field, or the mind of God.

This force is the essential nature of all things. All things are born of this force and inevitably return to it, yet nothing can ever truly be separate from it.

It is like a spider’s web. When viewed from a certain perspective, the spider may appear to be floating in mid-air. Yet upon closer inspection, one will find that there is an intricately woven web holding the spider in place. This web is essentially the glue of the Universe, and the word that is closest to describing this web is love.

Love is the glue of the Universe. It is the essential underlying force of all form.

When you feel love, you are at one with your essence, in a state of perfect balance, and up to speed with the evolution of the Universe. In a sense, your purpose is to feel love in every moment, or at least as much as you possibly can.

If you are always reaching for love and bliss and are not resisting your inherent perfect and eternal nature, you are succeeding, no matter what you are “doing” from an external perspective.

The doing matters not, the being matters infinitely.

The expansion of the physical Universe is accelerating not because dark energy is increasing but because matter is becoming less dense and therefore moving at a faster rate. The less dense matter is, the more it is affected by dark energy and the faster it accelerates. And the less dense matter becomes, the faster it vibrates.

Vibration is the push and pull of particles in perfect balance so as to achieve a harmonious resonance and a specific vibrational frequency. The faster one vibrates, the closer they get to the light and the closer they get to the Source of this light which is infinite vibration, a frequency that is so fast it is immeasurable.

An “enlightened” being is one who resonates with the maximum vibrational potential currently present within the Universe. There is no end to enlightenment, because the vibrational potential of the Universe is always increasing.

Essentially this infinite vibration pooped out an infinitely dense particle of no vibration which began to expand when the first energetic motion occurred within the particle so as to give birth to a new frequency. This is what scientists refer to as the Big Bang.

Ever since the Big Bang, the frequency of the Universe has been increasing. The frequency will continue to raise until it resonates with Source, so it will continue to raise infinitely. This is the incomprehensibly profound beauty of this Universe. It is unlimited. There is no end to it’s potential. That was the original intention for its being.