“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nature of the Universe

Imagine that this universe is generated by something like a reverse black hole. Instead of sucking in energy and matter, it spits it out infinitely. This helps to explain why black holes are found by physicists to be infinitely dense, because even a “fraction” of infinity is STILL infinity. The singularity of this “white hole” is consciousness itself. It is the awareness with which you and I experience this existential reality. In a way, YOU are this singularity. This entire universe is pouring forth from YOU. The substance or energy that manifests as all matter cannot be defined or put into words. We can look closer at the matter that we observe, and we can discover infinite particles and manifestations of this energy, but we will never find its Source, because its Source is not a “thing”. It is nothing. That’s right. No “thing”. Hard to imagine? Stop trying. It’s who you are.

Why do we fear the things we want? We fear what we desire because we don’t already have it. If we did, we would not want it. We would want something else. And because we do not have it, we view ourselves as “lacking” in some way. We think we are inadequate or insufficient and we focus on the absence of our desire. This creates resistance within us or what is often referred to as “fear”. Ultimately, this fear is an illusion that perpetuates itself. The more we fear and resist, the more we lack what we truly desire, and the greater our fear becomes. If we could release ALL of this fear, ALL of this resistance, we would NEVER feel inadequate again. We would have EVERYTHING we could ever possibly desire. Life would be free-flowing, wonderful, and carefree. There would be absolutely no tension, no anxiety, no frustration. Just peace and a pleasant awareness of the NOW. That is what we are here for. 

We are not here to struggle. We are not here to experience life as a burden that gets heavier and heavier with age. NO. We are here to follow our bliss, we are here to flow this magnificent river of life in ANY direction that we choose. We are here to experience total freedom. When we resist and feel “fear” it is unpleasant, because we are going against our true nature. Pain is the universe telling us that we are lying to ourselves, that we are pushing against the flow of life. It is your friend, not your enemy. There ARE NO enemies. You may interpret someone or something as an enemy, or as “bad”, but it is not inherently so. It is merely YOUR interpretation, and it is ALWAYS subject to change.

Let it out! Let your feelings come to the surface, let them flow through you! Do not resist anything, do not repress it, and do not be ashamed. Be free and be yourself. Hold back NOTHING and give this life EVERYTHING you've got. Let your dreams be your guide and your passion be your fuel. Be who you really are, not what anyone tells you that you are. Do what you REALLY want to do. Every moment is a choice. To resist or to allow. Allow the flow of life. All else is commentary. To release ALL resistance is to ALWAYS be in a state of PERFECT allowance and acceptance. The mind can come up with endless reasons to be afraid, but there is only one reason to be in love. That is WHO YOU ARE. Being yourself IS being love. Remember that.

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