“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Monday, March 16, 2015


To create
to breathe life
to watch a spark of potential
arise and fade away
for creation is ever-present
with it’s partner of time
the one using the other
the other consuming the one
until the potentials collapse
into the realm from which they were resurrected
and the one can begin anew
always breathing
in and out
creation and destruction
the birth and the dissolution
the divine union
of creation and time
in the very nature
of the silence and noise
the light and the darkness
the love and fear
we love the creation
the forms as they come
and fear their loss
their disappearance into the void
but this is the beauty
the union is one
in essence both must be
for their union is divine perfection
and all that arises
will come to pass
in the ever-presence of who you are

You are taken away
in the wave of perfection
of absolute bliss
in which death seems like nothing
and you are the totality of everything
even that is an understatement
for everything cannot come close
to explaining who you are
these words are meaningless
petty abstractions
distractions for the mind
you are so much more
infinitely more
and beyond the things
and the no-things
there you are
bursting with life
a sea of divine potential
just waiting to arise

The clinging
the grasping
the seeking
yet never finding
the seemingly endless cycle
of samsara
trying to get there
and escape here
to taste the bliss
and alleviate the pain
this is suffering
this is illusion
this is mara
but what is nirvana?
the end of seeking
the ceasing of all clinging
the attachment to this
the rejection of that
is no more
all is taken in
with absolute surrender
a complete embrace
of perfect love
heaven and hell
are allowed to be
in the midst of the perfect self
who loves them just the same
so let it be
come to know the truth
of who you are
stop the doing

just be

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