“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Monday, March 30, 2015

The Heart Knows the Way

As a whole, we as humanity are very shut down from our hearts and from the messages that our hearts are constantly sending us- our feelings. We do what sounds right in our heads, but we rarely do what feels right in our hearts. This leads to an unsatisfactory life of feeling lost, discontent, and unfulfilled. The mind is good at analyzing, at picking stuff apart and gathering an intellectual understanding of different things, concepts, and ideas, yet it has no awareness of your feelings, which are your inherent guidance in life. It simply disregards them and goes on thinking. Your feelings always come from the heart.

The feelings that you have as a human being are your deepest intuitive faculty and they literally connect you to your soul, or what is sometimes referred to as your higher self. They are like a compass that can be used to effectively guide you through life. Your heart is literally the apparatus that translates feeling into a sensation that you can consciously recognize, one you regard as either good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. The heart, unlike the mind, will never mislead you. It always renders an accurate interpretation of whatever you are focused on, and whether this focus and behavior is actually healthy and beneficial, or not.

Think of a time when you felt your best, a moment of intense love and joy. You likely felt an opening and expansion in your chest, a warming of the heart. It was likely at a time when something positive and wonderful happened in your experience. Now think of a time when you were totally devastated, in a state of “heartbreak” and despair. You likely felt a closing and sinking feeling in your chest, a cold and calloused sensation in the heart, and this probably occurred at a time when something terrible happened in your life. This is the nature of feelings, of emotional sensation, and it is always based in the heart.

The more we listen to our minds and only our minds, the more lost we become in an endless maze of chaos and confusion, the more we disconnect from our feelings, from our true passion and purpose in life, and the more we simply do what our conditioned mind tells us we “should” do, which mostly comes from our inherited dysfunctional belief patterns given to us by our parents and the society we were brought up in.

But the more we can learn to listen to our hearts, the more we are able to connect with our truest and most authentic selves. We focus our attention on the heart space and we listen to the way we feel, paying more attention to that than to the thoughts that we are thinking with our minds. We discover our path and purpose in life and feel a deep sense of inner fulfillment, contentedness, love and joy. We listen to our intuition, our emotions, which if followed will always lead to our highest good.

Whenever you can follow a feeling of love, warmth, openness, and expansion, you will inevitably be moving towards everything you have ever genuinely desired in this life. You will uncover the deepest secrets of this Universe, not in a way that can be mentally conceptualized and interpreted. No, in a much deeper and more profoundly experiential manner. You won’t think, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free : )

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