“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Life Purpose

Your life purpose is to live on purpose. Most people live by accident, by default. If you are asking “What is the purpose of my life?” then this is you. So become the purpose of your own life and in every moment live according to your own highest good. Choose that which serves you and lose that which doesn’t. Live life on purpose.

We often go after the things that we want in a backwards and preposterous way. We never get the full experience of that which we desire but only an unfulfilling shadow. It’s the equivalent of trying to eat your favorite sandwich with the plastic wrapper still on. Why do so many of us do the things that we do? We work jobs that we hate to make money so that later we can do the things we want. We watch sports so we can get a sense of thrill and excitement by living vicariously through our favorite athletes. We watch films in awe of the adventures and experiences of the characters while wishing we could do the same. We use social media to connect with others in a shallow and superficial way while we long for real intimacy and human connection. We eat foods that artificially taste good but are lacking in the substance and nutrition we truly crave.

None of these things are necessarily wrong or even bad, but when they become a replacement for the full realization of your true desires, you are always left feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. We become attached and addicted to these things because you can never get enough of what you do not want. We go after that which we desire and our method of doing so actually becomes the obstacle to experiencing what we desire. It is insanity. Why not just go straight for what we desire? Because we are afraid. We are afraid that we might get hurt. We are afraid that it might not work out. We are afraid that we may lose ourselves in the process.

So we continue to live a half-life using the protection of our ineffective modes to getting our needs met. It is like if we never fully experience that which we want, then we can never be fully disappointed either. We can not get the object of our deepest love and affection and then have it taken away from us. If you want a diamond but instead you just get a replica, it may not be as satisfying but at least when you lose it you won’t care as much. But what is the point of this if in the end you lose everything anyway? None of us make it out of here alive so you may as well take every chance on your dreams. Because in the end, there is nothing to lose. Nothing at all.

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