“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Nature of Existence

Why does the Universe even go through the bother of existing at all? And where does it all come from? This is the fundamental problem of existence. The fundamental ambiguity of being human, a being with the capacity to contemplate such philosophical enigmas. Why does it seem like no matter what you get you are never really satisfied, never fulfilled? The very thing you thought would fulfill you often times ends up turning into your biggest problem. Why is this? Why does it seem so difficult to escape this fundamental anguish? Is entropy the order of the day, the only thing you can truly be certain of? That everything will fall apart, will decay, will disappear in time?

Yet this is only one aspect of the truth. There is also the essential fact that new things and new life forms are perpetually coming into existence. The old is giving birth to the new. Out of apparent chaos emerges organized forms of energy in-formation. So there must be some force that holds it all together. Something that keeps the Universe from falling into complete and total entropy and disorder. There must be a force that gave birth to existence in the first place. So what is this force? What is this essence? That which cannot be named.

So to prevent oneself from falling into entropy and disorder, you must tap into this essential life force, this innate intelligence. You must align with the greater order that wants to be born into this world. And to do so you must find yourself, your own essence and inherent nature. You must stop seeking without and instead turn completely around and go within. Go deep into your own inner world. Into your own darkness and shadows and into your own love and light. Surrender into it all totally. Find yourself.

Then when you have discovered this essence, this life force within, go back into the world with your greatest power in hand. Express this infinite power in every step of your journey. Move into order, into love, into the greater perfection that underlies the apparent flaws of this surface level of reality. Tap into your infinite reserves, your storehouse of pure potential and possibility. Tap into the truth of yourself.

No matter how much you scramble to make everything perfect, it all falls apart in the end. Just let it be.

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