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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Highest Levels of Human Health

Health On The Atomic Level

All of reality is made up of subtle pulsating electromagnetic fields of energy. And all beings, without exception, are bioelectrical beings comprised of these pulsating energetic fields.

Life-force energy, therefore, is synonymous with electrical energy, or electricity.

Electricity can be defined simply as the movement of electrons between atoms. This is what forms an electric current.

The atoms which make up the cells of the human body, at any given time, are either predominantly gaining electrons and receiving an electrical charge, or they are losing electrons and being drained of an electrical charge.

Antioxidants And Free Radicals

We have all heard of the damage that free radicals can do to our health, but what exactly are they, and why are they so damaging?

Essentially, a free radical is nothing more than an atom or molecule with a single unpaired electron.

The reason why they are so damaging is because these unpaired electrons always seek another electron to make a pair, so they essentially “rob” surrounding atoms of their electrons. Normally, atoms and molecules have an even number of paired electrons and so are not free radicals.

When these surrounding atoms are robbed of an electron, they in turn will have an unpaired electron and become free radicals, thus resulting in a domino effect. When this continues over time, cells are drained of electrical energy, they become damaged and weakened, and ultimately die.

The constant bombardment of free radicals over time can cause the DNA structure of cells to become weakened, resulting in genetic damage and even cancer.

This correlates with the “Free Radical Theory of Aging” in that these free radicals drain us of our life-force energy and cause us to age over time.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, are able to contribute an electron to these free radicals, thus neutralizing them. The free radicals then do not need to rob your cells of their electrons and precious life-force energy.

Knowing this fact makes the importance of consuming antioxidants in large amounts overwhelmingly clear. More is most definitely merrier in this case.

PH Balance And Oxidative Stress

Oxidation is always caused by the loss of electrons, so oxidative stress occurs when electrons are lost from the atoms that make up your cells.

As mentioned before, free radicals rob us of electrons and therefore cause oxidative stress, while antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative stress (hence the name anti-oxidant)

So how does all of this relate to PH balance in the body?

First, we must understand PH. PH stands for potential hydrogen. It is essentially the concentration of positive hydrogen ions in a given solution. The higher the concentration of these ions, the lower the PH. The lower the concentration, the higher the PH. Therefore, there is an inverse correlation between positive ion concentration and PH level.

Low PH means a substance is acidic and therefore has a high concentration of positive hydrogen ions, whereas high PH means a substance is alkaline and has a low concentration of these positive hydrogen ions.

So it can be inferred that because an alkaline solution has a low concentration of positive ions, it most often times will have a higher concentration of negative ions.

Because positive ions rob us of electricity and negative ions charge us with electricity, it is easy to see why acidity would be damaging to our cells whereas alkalinity would be highly beneficial to human health.

Positive VS. Negative Ions And Their Effect On Human Health

Negative ions can be likened to antioxidants in that they have the capacity to donate electrons. This is because a negative ion is simply an atom that has an extra free electron.

The reason why negative ions are considered so beneficial is because they are able to charge your cells with free electrons and therefore give you electricity or life-force energy.

Positive ions, on the other hand, have the opposite effect and can be likened to free radicals in that they essentially rob us of our electrons. We are continuously bombarded with these positive ions in the artificial environments that we live in because pollutants and heavy metals strip the air of negative ions due to their inherent positive charge. So it is no wonder that we see such a pandemic of health problems occurring in modern society.

If we spent more of our time outdoors in natural environments, we would be exposed to high concentrations of these negative ions and we would receive a constant recharging of our life-force energy. However, most of us spend the majority of our time indoors and so are continuously drained and left feeling tired and lifeless.

The key to reclaiming your health on the atomic level is to receive electricity from your environment. This is done by going to places with a high concentration of negative ions, such as mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and naturally occurring caves.

This is also done by consuming foods with the highest concentrations of antioxidants. These are raw plant foods, especially berries and herbs. These should be as fresh as possible and most definitely organic because the consumption of pesticides contributes to free radical damage and the loss of life-force energy.

So achieving the highest levels of radiant health is simple and can be summed up with one word- electricity. Place yourself in environments with an abundance of negative ions and consume superfoods that are super rich in antioxidants. This will recharge and revitalize your being and bring you back to the natural sensation of being truly alive.

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