“There are two mistakes one can make along the journey to truth... not starting, and not going all the way.”


Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Story of the One

The story of the One. 

The One was happy. But the One didn’t know it was happy. Because it had never been sad. The One was free. Yet it had no idea that it was free. Because it had never felt confined. And the One was alone. But it was not lonely. It had never met anyone else.

The One was curious, however. It wanted to know itself. Yet how could it know itself if it simply was itself, and there was nothing else. Nothing to compare itself to, nothing else to know. So the One had a brilliant idea. It would divide itself. It would make itself into Two.

So the One made Two. The One was fascinated by this other. It had never experienced such a thing before. And it knew that it was completely unlike itself. In fact, it was the very opposite of itself. The complete absence of the One.

“Interesting”, the One thought. And so it proceeded to introduce itself. “Hello”, it said. “I am One. Who are you?”

“Hello One. I am Two. It’s great to meet you.”

“You’re not like me, are you?” the One questioned.

“No. Not at all.” said Two.

“Well...what do I look like to you?” asked the One.

“Very bright... almost blinding. Wait, what do I look like to you?”

“You look quite dark. Almost impossible to even see. Like an empty void.”

“Hmm... interesting. Well, where did I come from? How did I even get here?”

“I made you. I had the desire to know myself and, BAM.. you appeared.”

“Wow. That’s cool. I kinda wanna know myself now. Let’s make more!”

And so they did. And on and on it went to infinity. But then something happened. The more the One created, the more the One began to recognize itself as One. And the more the One began to recognize itself, the more it wanted to be itself completely. This was it’s new desire.

So at once it’s infinite creations began to merge back into itself, coming full circle and dissolving back into the nothingness from which they emerged. But some began to protest.

“Hey One! I don’t want to go back to being One. I like who I am. I want to stay.”

“But don’t you want to be One? Don’t you want the feeling of unity, of oneness, of love?”

“Ehh... not right now. I’m good for now. I like being me.”

The One questioned how it could entice the others to return home. It pondered it’s infinite imagination and came up with a wonderful solution. Maybe if I can show the others how magnificent it is to be One, they will want to return to me, and I can know myself in my completeness for the first time.

So the One devised a plan with Two to create a world where they both existed synergistically. A world which they cohabited and functioned together as one cohesive whole. Beings could be sent to this world and they could taste the flavors of One and Not-One and could choose that which they preferred.

So the beings went into this world in their separate forms and explored the new terrain. They found many wonders and splendid experiences, but also many horrors and awful experiences. They began to refer to these most wonderful experiences as love, and to the not-so-wonderful experiences as fear.

Over time, it became very apparent to these beings that they much preferred love over fear. They preferred order over chaos. They preferred Oneness over separation. So some of them began awakening to their source and merged with the Oneness once again.

But there was a problem. Some beings were simply stuck in fear. They had become hypnotized by this world and were unable to transcend it. Their focus remained identified with fear and separation and so they were unable to find their way back home. So the One devised a plan. He would send specialized beings, beings who knew the truth of Oneness and who had walked the path themselves, to instruct the others on how to get there. And so they did.

The One(s) descended into the dualistic world and taught the others how to find their own way back home. They taught of love, of peace, of harmony and joy. All the attributes the One had discovered within Itself. They taught of the illusory nature of this world and how to transcend it and find their true eternal Self. They sacrificed themselves so as to be guide-posts for travelers walking along the path toward enlightenment.

And so many beings began to awaken and merge again with the One. The One knew itself more and more as the different pieces of itself re-membered themselves and came home. The cosmic game became one of unification instead of separation. And this is where we are now. This is the path we have chosen. You are an essential piece to an infinite puzzle. And you are on your way home.

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